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Backbone Idea And Theory Of Physics

Physics is a vast subject in science that deals with the study of matter and the associated movement of that matter in the space. It is the fundamental subject that deals with various events around the universe in the particular time frame. As we know physics is the backbone of the entire universe and is responsible for some basic events that happen around us. Do you know what is the cause for the ocean tides? What makes earth rotate around the sun and question like why do an object thrown above lands on the floor?

As we have known there is some force that governs us to stay firmly on the ground. This force is also responsible for maintaining the balance and equilibrium in every step. This fundamental and essential force is known as the gravitational force. Gravitation definition is given as a natural aspect by which all things with energy or mass —including stars, galaxies, planets, and even light are brought towards one another.

Gravitational force is the universal forces that act upon all matters. The gravitational force between any 2 objects is reliant on their masses. Issac Newton was the person who thought why an apple fell from the tree on the ground and also held something was wrong when a heavy object fell on his feet.  Sir Issac Newton mathematically described the law of gravitation known as Newton’s law of universal gravitation. After some years, the great scientist and physicist Albert Einstein made some revisions on this theory in the theory of relativity.

As per the law of gravitation, it states “The gravity is strongest when between two huge objects and as and when those objects get apart, it gets much weaker”.

Sun’s gravity helps to keep the Earth rotating in orbit around the Sun. Existence on Earth is dependent on natural factors like sunlight and heat. Gravity supports the wonderful planet Earth to stay at the perfect distance from the Sun making it an ideal livable place with constant and moderate temperature as per the season.

Do you know a fact that there exist weak gravitational force in the outer space as compared to the Earth? It makes the astronauts who are orbiting the Earth experience a free-falling since they do not experience gravity. All satellites, including the moon and other planets, are in a constant state of freefall. When an object or a body is in a freefall state, it becomes weightless.

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