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English and its dialects dress in the US

The United States, like many other nations, has a varied population, which results in a wide range of English accents. Because American pop culture is so widely distributed across the world, you may be familiar with some of the most prominent accents. Let’s dive into a few of the top five different accents in the United States, including some you may recognise and a few you may not.

  • Southern American accent
    The American South is made up of 16 states, including Virginia, Texas, Florida, and Alabama. In these areas, you’re likely to hear a southern American English accent, which is commonly linked with the term ‘y’all.’ It is a unique southern American accent, and many causes contributed to its development, including immigration, urbanisation, and others.
  • New Yorker accent
    The New York accent is significant since it is synonymous with America’s biggest city.

This is an aggressive accent that is frequently associated with police officers or criminals in famous films. You’ve probably heard it in movies like Goodfellas or comedies like Seinfeld. The most recognised accent in North American English, according to sociolinguist William Labov, is the New York accent. In fact, new English enthusiasts lean into the New York accent when they want to learn the English language. Today if you search “learn English online” you will land on endless British or American accents to choose from.

  • Eastern New England accent
    Eastern New England states include Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire. In these states, the letter ‘R’ is generally pronounced as an ‘ah’ sound while speaking with this accent, thus words like ‘car’ and ‘park’ become ‘cah’ and ‘pahk’.
  • Philadelphia accent
    The Philadelphia accent is notably distinctive, with words like “fight” and “bike” pronounced as “foit” and “boik.” Philly locals pronounce the word ‘water’ as ‘wooder,’ while ‘yous’ is a variant of ‘y’all.’ This accent may be heard when listening to actor Will Smith, who was born in Philadelphia, the sixth-largest city in the United States.
  • Bostonian accent
    The Bostonian accent is one of the characteristics of the New England accent, which is found in the United States’ far northwesternmost area. While the Boston accent is defined by the average person, the comparable (but still quite different) dialect of Connecticut and adjacent states is characterized by other accent variants.
  • The upper midwest accent
    The farther you get away from the east coast, the longer people’s vowels get. Travel west and north of Chicago, toward Canada. You’ll notice that individuals start rounding their O’s and enunciating consonants.

There is an end number of accents and options to consider when starting to learn English. Today you have technology supporting learners for the same. You have apps to learn English that let you practice with a native accent. Accents sure change with miles but the basics remain the same. Hence grasp those basics and try on all the different accents out there.