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Free Course To Prepare The IELTS Exam

The British Council offers a course focused on the IELTS «Techniques for English Language Tests» exam. A course that has useful study material for those who wish to practice, study and prepare the IELTS exam.

The IELTS test is the most popular English language test in the world. It has more than two million exams per year. Through this exam, you can assess your level of language proficiency in English.

Passing this test benefits you directly when living, studying or working abroad. The teach IELTS (สอน ielts which is the term in Thai) is the only English test that is accepted in all countries that require a language test for immigrants.

This British Council course includes practice in aspects of Listening, Writing, Reading or Speaking. Each stage will be carried out with the advice of a tutor as well as the IELTS team.

How To Take This IELTS Free English Course

If you are interested in learning English, now you can study and practice from home for free and prepare thoroughly for the IELTS exam.

However, if you are not looking to take the exam, this course can also serve as an English language learning tool.

In the IELTS  there is not a test for each level like the Cambridge exams, but here is a single exam in which you can get a score from 0 to 9 that corresponds to a different level of English. For example, a score of 5.5 corresponds to level B2 (First Certificate). Later we will see equivalences between the IELTS score and the Bmat score (คะแนน bmat which is the term in Thai).

The IELTS exam has the following structure:

  • Listening: 30 minutes
  • Reading: 60 minutes
  • Writing: 60 minutes
  • Speaking: 11 – 14 minutes

The IELTS certificate does not expire, but the most normal thing is that they require that certificate with a maximum of seniority, which is usually 2 years.