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Tips To Prepare For Class 9 Examination 

Fear, tension and pressure are some of the baggage a student has to face while preparing for the exam. The right preparation is the key to cracking the exam with ease since exam preparation is acknowledged as an arduous task. CBSE Class 9 provides the foundation for all the subjects in Class 10. Class 9 is undoubtedly the stepping stone to class 10. The Central Board Of Secondary Education had launched the scheme of Continuous and Comprehensive Evolution (CCE) in the academic year 2009-2010 to ease the pressure on the students by dividing the assessment of students’ performance into a year-long format, with Formative and Summative Assessment. According to the CCE evaluation, the marks obtained in the exam come under the summative assessment, where SA1 or summative assessment 1 assesses the progress of the student in the first term, while SA2 the final examination or the assessment of the second term portions. However, CCE came to an end in the academic year 2016-17, making the annual pattern mandatory, hence, increasing the pressure and difficulty level. In this article, students will understand how to prepare well for their examination as well as the importance of using study materials like CBSE sample papers in their preparation.

Preparation Tips For Class 9 Exam:

Early preparations: Starting the preparations well in advance is the best way to avoid the last-minute rush and trauma. Doing so will help the students in assigning sufficient time to each subject, making it easy and comfortable to revise them well in time. 

Review syllabus: Going through the syllabus and understanding the topics to learn for Class 9 exam is the first step towards studying right. Studying as per the syllabus will make it easier for the students to recognise the topics that are already covered and those yet to be. 

Know exam pattern: It is essential to understand and follow the exam pattern approved by the Board. Comprehending the pattern will help in understanding the marking scheme, time duration and the modes of exams.

Regular study: Students should make sure that they develop a routine to be up-to-date with their education. Equipping oneself with a proper timetable that allocates focus on all the subjects and following it strictly, without fail, proves the determination of a student in acing the exam.

Begin from class: Paying attention to the teachers and asking doubts to them whenever in a dilemma will help the students in eradicating the slightest confusion they are bound to face while learning.

Revision: As the final step, the students should make sure that they revise all that has been learned so far to keep the concepts fresh in mind. The best study material that can be used for the revision is nothing but the Sample Papers for Class 9.

Henceforth, students are recommended to access the CBSE Sample Papers for Class 9 and practice them so that they can perform well and stand apart amongst others. Sample papers become the best resource for students to prepare for the exam. 

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