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We Offer the Best Engineering for Kids Reading MA Provides

When your kid is on summer break, why not get them involved in some fun and engaging learning activities that will help them learn to code? Coding is quickly becoming an important job skill. People don’t necessarily need to learn to code their own apps, software, or websites, but they do need to understand the mechanics behind it as so much of our future economy is going to be based on coding, even more so than it is now. We provide the best activities for coding engineering for kids Reading MA offers!

We offer vacation and summer coding programs from 9 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon, with options for early drop-off and late pick-up. We provide a healthy snack, and we offer a lunch hour at noon. Your kids can also come for just half a day. 

If your child has a creative streak and loves to create, then coding is an interesting and fun way to express their talent and passion. We offer a variety of sessions for kids to help them learn the fundamentals of coding. The best part is that the activities are all project-based, so there are plenty of opportunities to practice what students learn in an applicable way that will make learning relevant to their lives. 

We offer a session, for example, that teaches students to create great and fun games to play. Students aged 7 to 9 use drag and drop to create their game masterpieces, and those aged 10 and over use Javascript. Students will have a blast playing their own creations and each other’s. The first half of the day is spent learning the fundamentals, and the afternoon is devoted to creating their own games!

Students can become better computational thinkers while learning the basics of computer science in our Game Design and Drones session. They will build games using tyker and Unity Game Engine, and they will create more than one level and then play their games with their friends. 

For teens aged 14 and older, we offer a Website Development – HTML, CSS & Javascript session to work on projects from an easy HTML page to an entire JavaScript web app. Students learn website basics with HTML, Cascading Style Sheets, and JavaScript programming. They also learn JQuery, JavaScript library and the Bootstrap framework. Students learn a lot in just a week, and they will come out on the other side knowing the basics of website development. 

We offer a variety of other classes as well, including Minecraft Modding (Java), Automations (with JavaScript), Mobile Apps, Android App Development (Java), Robotics (Wedo) and 3D Printing, Robotics (Mindstorms), and 3D Printing, and Java Boot Camp. No matter your child’s ability level or interest, we are sure to have a session that will be perfect. Contact us to learn more about the best coding engineering for kids Reading MA offers.